Arcarius is a Funding Company and Business Development Company formed in early 2015 by experienced business owners with an extensive background in finance, entrepreneurship and equities trading and execution. Arcarius specializes in providing an alternative way for business owners to procure working capital despite their time in business, personal credit, collateral, profitability or financial statements to acquire it from traditional Funders. While historically this problem has always plagued business owners, it has become increasingly more difficult to secure traditional bank financing due to the tight credit markets brought upon by legislation.

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Arcarius Evaluates Approximately 25 Significant Characteristics Of Risk Including, But Not Limited To:

  • Up to a year of historical credit card sales volume
  • Bank statements (the number of NSF in any given month)
  • Applicable licenses
  • Credit score trend
  • Location
  • Previous and existing UCC filings (if any exist)
  • Local unemployment rate
  • Mortgage or rental payment history
  • Year-over-year increase or decrease in sales volume

These factors ultimately come to an “overall risk valuation” for the potential client or seller of future receivables. Arcarius then forecasts future credit card sales volume based on historical averages and then will advance a portion of those sales at a 25-50% discount (commonly referred to as a factor rate). Effectively, Arcarius purchases the merchant’s future credit card receivables at a discount determined by the type of business, industry and the overall risk of the individual merchant and its owner. As a general rule, the purchase will not exceed 15% of a business’ total yearly top line revenue. The exception to the 15% rule are businesses that ordinarily engage in selling low-priced merchandise or food and deposit very little currency except credit cards and checks (e.g.: fast food restaurants, pizza shops, bars and beauty salons).

While traditional invoice factoring has been in existence since the 1800’s, the factoring of future credit card receivables to merchants by private companies such as Arcarius is an industry that has only been in existence for slightly over a decade.