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Our motivation here at Arcarius is to help grow your business by allowing you to enjoy access to working capital as and when you need it.

Whether you need funds to hire new employees, fund a renovation, buy new production equipment, purchase inventory in bulk, pay off rent in bulk to increase your profit margins, and more, you will find our services are able to fit a wide range of applications.We advocate for the small business owner and recognize that in recent years owning your own business has become more challenging.

Merchant Cash Advance

Equipment Funding is an easier way for business owners to pay for the tools and machines the rely on to run the business.

Get equipment financing to purchase or lease new or used equipment. You can also apply the equipment funding to cover the cost of upgrades and repairs.

We take care of your business

Arcarius offers commercial equipment financing with minimal approval requirements and underwriting compared to a traditional business loan from a bank.

Equipment Funding is a smart option if equipment your business relies on fails unexpectedly. Many small businesses operating on a tight budget can't afford to miss out on one day of expected revenue

If you find you need to get back up an running fast but don’t have access to cash to pay for new equipment or repair costs, our Equipment Funding is a good option for you to consider

Funding criteria
Fico Score 550+
Funding Amount $3,000 – $500,000
Term Length 3 – 36 Months
Time in Business No Requirements
Time to Fund As Fast as 24 Hours

How does it work?

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Funding provided for equipment will be provided as a lump sum.
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Periodic payments will be made to repay the principal amount funded plus interest laid out in the contract terms
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Once the loan is fully paid you will own the equipment outright

ARCARIUSEquipment financing

Depending on your particular business, the equipment that you use can include everything from simple office machinery to massive factory manufacturing systems. Let’s take a look at some of the costs you and your business might incur for equipment replacement or upgrades:

  • Laptops and personal equipment.

  • Copy machines, printers, and other office equipment.

  • Industrial manufacturing systems