Arcarius LLC understands that there are few things worse than having lots of customers and not enough products in stock to satisfy demand. You work hard to get your business to a point where your product or services are in demand. To not be able to fill that need is unimaginable. But what can a small to medium-sized business do if they don’t have the funds to keep an inventory capable of sustaining current and future demand? That’s where we come in. Our team can help you get the inventory financing that you need.

Inventory Financing

Using Merchant Cash Advance For Inventory Financing

The main reason for increasing your inventory is to have your products or services readily available. Customers want the products that they order or purchase to be promptly delivered with reasonable turnaround. By having a complete inventory ready for same-day shipping (or immediate carryout), you can make their wait time as minimal as possible. That business practice makes for happy customers, and happy customers make for good business.

Another reason for inventory financing is to acquire products in bulk. When you buy your inventory in bulk, there is a large likelihood that you can gain a significant discount, thereby increasing your profit margins.

It may be time to increase the inventory of not only existing products but creating and stocking of new products. This will mean keeping not only your old customers happy but attracting new customers through new products and opportunities. Keeping a company’s inventory up to date, properly stocked and readily available may require an injection of funds – funds that you can have access to from Arcarius LLC.