Business owners with multiple Cash Advance positions can find themselves caught in a dangerous cycle of taking out more and more Merchant Cash Advances to avoid defaulting on existing balances.

Reverse Consolidations are a good solution for merchants who are struggling to manage frequent withdrawals occurring on a daily or weekly basis.

Reverse Consolidations provide business owners with weekly disbursements directly into their business bank account to satisfy the cost of their existing Cash Advance payments. Reverse Consolidations function like a Merchant Cash Advance and are repaid with automatic daily withdrawals at a reduced amount against the outstanding positions. It is not Debt Consolidation or Loan Consolidation and does not restructure debt. It does free up cash flow which can prevent businesses from being crippled by having too many open positions and provide cash flow savings of 30% – 50%.

o Fico Score: 500+
o Time in Business: 1 year+
o Time to Fund: As Fast as 24 hours
o Weekly Distributions
o Funding Range: $10,000– $500,000

How will this affect my credit?

How many advances can I consolidate at a time?

Can I net additional funds under this program?

What if I just take out another advance?

How much can I REALLY save?

How do I get started?

Contact Arcarius LLC to have all your questions about our Reverse Consolidation program answered.

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How Does a Merchant Cash Advance Work?

  • Utilizing your company’s predicted credit card sales, you “sell” or promise a fixed amount (or percentage) of your future credit card sales.
  • Arcarius either automatically discounts a fixed percentage of each credit card sale when it’s settled, or receives an ACH from your bank account for a specified percentage of your daily sales.
  • In exchange, you receive a lump sum of working capital.
  • Collection stops automatically when the full amount is repaid —generally within 12 months.

Why Choose Arcarius for Merchant Cash Advance?

At Arcarius, we are committed to assisting businesses with their financial and funding needs through a streamlined and business-friendly process. Not only are our approval rates higher than our competition or traditional Funders, but we expedite funding while also offering easy renewal.

With a simple and easy application process, accessing working capital has never been this effortless.

Best of all, our Merchant Cash Advance terms are highly competitive and extremely affordable. Apply now!

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