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Our motivation here at Arcarius is to help grow your business by allowing you to enjoy access toShort-term loan as and when you need it.

Whether you need funds to hire new employees, fund a renovation, buy new production equipment, purchase inventory in bulk, pay off rent in bulk to increase your profit margins, and more, you will find our services are able to fit a wide range of applications.We advocate for the small business owner and recognize that in recent years owning your own business has become more challenging.

Short-term loan

Our Short-Term Business Loan option is a fast funding product and approvals are handled within 24 hours of applying. We offer small business loans that often have less restrictive approval criteria than traditional bank loans.

Working Capital is a general term for commercial financing. We offer a wide variety of products and constantly look to add to our program offerings.

Arcarius offers commercial equipment financing with minimal approval requirements and underwriting compared to a traditional business loan from a bank.

Funding criteria
Fico Score 650+
Funding Amount $10,000 – $5,000,000
Term Length 1 – 5 Years
Time in Business 1 Year+
Time to Fund As Fast as 24 Hours

How does it work?

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Much like a bank loan, you will be provided a lump sum of funding to use for your business needs
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Your contract will stipulate the agreed upon term length to repay the loan
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The repayment amount will depend on APR which will be laid out in the contract

ARCARIUSWhy choosing us to get short-term loan?

  • At Arcarius, we are committed to assisting businesses with their financial and funding needs through a streamlined and business-friendly process

  • With a simple and easy application process, accessing working capital has never been this effortless.

  • Best of all, our terms are highly competitive.