Every day, business owners across the country spend an inordinate amount of time trying to track down their customers to get them to pay outstanding invoices. These negligent customers make it difficult for business owners to conduct business as usual. When customers neglect to make payments, business owners don’t have the money they need to pay employees, vendors, and more which reflects poorly on them.

If you find yourself struggling to collect payments as a business owner, there is a solution that could help you get the money you deserve through invoice financing

You can apply for invoice financing , also known as advanced factoring and accounts receivable financing, through a company that offers it. Invoice financing gives business owners the opportunity to borrow money against the business’s expected future earnings. Invoices serve as a form of collateral by financial lenders who offer cash advance financing.

Business owners agree to pay a small percentage of projected earnings to the lender that provided the advance of future receivables for an immediate injection cash. Advanced factoring provides financial flexibility to address pressing cashflow issues and the cost of the financing is paid to the lender as a percentage of the total expected earnings from future earnings. Accounts receivable financing is an attractive option for businesses that have longer periods of time between transaction dates and receiving payments

There is a long list of benefits that comes along with invoice financing. The biggest benefit is obviously that business owners can obtain the cash they need to run their business through invoice financing. Another benefit is that business owners can typically get their money quickly since invoice financing doesn’t require a lengthy application process like other alternative forms of credit. And on top of all that, invoice financing can be used for whatever business owners want to use it for once they get it. They can restock inventory, pay their employees’ salaries, or apply the advance to any unexpected operational costs. There are no restrictions pertaining to how the borrower spends the advanced funds.

Could your company benefit from a cash advance from your business’s future accounts receivables? Arcarius LLC can help protect your company’s reputation and help you prevent operational disruptions by setting you up with invoice financing today. We can offer competitive rates and get you approved in no time. Call us at 888-699-5442 for more information on how invoice financing can help you.